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EMF Protection Bandana HeadcoverSize 20"×20" Unisex100% silver fiber tricot EMF protection shielding anti radiation conductive fabricIts shielding efficiency is 99.9999% (>60DB) or more, which can effectively shield mobile phone signals, WIFI, and electromagnetic waves emitted by signal towers. It has antibacterial, conductive, EMI,EMF,RFID,and anti-radiation functions. The antioxidant technology keeps the fabric from losing its conductivity, oxidizing and discolor

EMF Protection Bandana/Headcover

  • Washing instructions for 100% silver fiber fabrics 

    1. Low temperature washing, less than 40 ℃.

    2. Using ordinary neutral detergent or non-phosphorus neutral washing powder but the better way is to use “Silver fiber dedicated cleaning solution”. 

    3. Bleaching or hydrogen peroxide is prohibited.

    4. The chlorine concentrations of tap water is high in some places, you can clean after sun-cure for one day or you can use well water to wash. 

    5. Gentle hand washing is preferred, don’t scrub them hard or wring, try to avoid machine washing. 

    6. Don’t hang them out in the sunshine, just keep them in a well-ventilated places. 

    7. Try to avoid ironing, make sure that choose low temperature when you have to do this, steam ironing is not allowed.

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