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Nicole Young is the CEO of the lifestyle brand Shamaryah Nicole. All of our products are carefully hand crafted with the client in mind. The Clothed in Strength and Honor brand came about through the prompting of the Most High combined with Nicole’s holistic lifestyle. 


After much prayer and contemplation, Nicole began to take an inventory of the gifts that were bestowed upon her and began to try her hand at making pouches for a friend as well as clothing for her husband and herself and soon Nicole became inundated with personalized orders of all her creations. As she was filling orders for pouches and working as a seamstress, Nicole found herself to be divinely blessed at producing clothing and holistic products that are safe for your body. Nicole’s desire is that you can honor the Most High in your clothing choices and take full advantage of the earthly remedies we have all been blessed with.

Shamaryah Nicole is a Christian business operating under biblical principles so you can feel at ease in all things involving our company and business practices.


Nicole is a lover of nature, enjoys sewing, hiking with her husband and dog, camping, and volunteer/ministry work for her Church family. She has spent almost 20 years living the natural way of life which includes using natural remedies and a having holistic vegan lifestyle. When she’s not completing orders; Nicole spends her free time expanding her knowledge of herbs and essential oils. She also enjoys finding unique fabrics to work with for her clients’ one of a kind pieces. Nicole is continually expanding and improving her products to ensure that you have the highest quality and the best information. 

Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter as Nicole enjoys giving from her wealth of knowledge allowing you access to all the latest information regarding using our products to their fullest potential. You may also receive discount offers and product highlights so you are always aware of new items coming your way!  


It is Nicole’s desire that we help you honor the Most High in all aspects of your life. We can’t wait to work with you and we look forward to satisfying your needs with Shamaryah Nicole!

Women's Fashion Accessories, Men's Wear, Head Wraps, and Aromatherapy

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